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The 3 Causes of Data Breaches & How to Prevent Them

Security breaches have become a weekly occurrence in the news cycle, which has caused businesses to start asking questions. How are they happening? Is my business at risk? The short answer is yes, your business is at risk. Here’s an overview on how data breaches occur, why they’re on the rise, and what steps to take now to protect your business.

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Internet Monitoring: Not ‘Big Brother’ But ‘Wise Management’

Internet usage is now ubiquitous in every modern business. When employed properly it can be an extremely efficient and highly effective productivity enhancer. With the Internet, employees can keep tabs on critical changes, perform research and any number of business tasks. Email, another aspect of the Internet, allows for near instantaneous communication of business data.

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Patch management with GFI LANguard and Microsoft WSUS

A cost-effective and easy solution for network-wide patch management This white paper provides an overview of how to use GFI LANguard and Microsoft Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) to keep your network automatically updated with the latest security patches.

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The Business Implications Of Not Having A Backup Strategy: Where Businesses Get It Wrong

A business that fails to maintain a copy of its data is asking for trouble. It is extremely easy to lose data and all but impossible to rebuild that data if backups don’t exist. Are you backing up your data regularly? This white paper outlines the risks of not having a backup strategy.

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Web-Based Security Threats

How attacks have shifted and what to do about it. As email and web technologies converge, the number of security threats has grown, both in terms of creativity and effectiveness. Web-based threats are proving to be a nightmare for IT administrators and computer users. Although technology helps to counter these threats, a more holistic approach is needed, one that includes strict and enforceable policies as well as a proper awareness program.

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The Importance of an Acceptable Use Policy

In an ideal world, employees would use the computers and Internet access provided their employer solely for business use. It is however, sadly, not an ideal world. Throughout the work day, companies, schools, libraries and other organizations are exposed by their users to the misuse of the system. The dilemma faced by every company is what to do about it and how to start.

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Your Network Environment is the Key to the Success of Your Business

Your network environment is one of the keys to the success of your business. Most business people don’t fully believe this, even after long discussions and mounds of evidence to the contrary. So, why do businesses still look at safe and secure networks as a “nice to have” rather than a “need to have?”

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Social Networking at Work: Thanks, But No Thanks?

Millions of people around the world with access to the Internet are members of one or more social networks. They have a permanent online presence where they create profiles, share photos, share their thoughts with friends and spend hours just catching up with what hundreds of friends are doing with their life.

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Towards a Comprehensive Internet Security Strategy for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need a comprehensive Internet security strategy to be able to protect themselves from myriad web-based threats. Defining and implementing such a strategy requires proper preparation, a clear understanding of the technologies and methods that can be adopted, a good user-education program and a proactive approach to security. This White Paper discusses the elements of an Internet security strategy.

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Web Monitoring for Employee Productivity Enhancement

All too often when web monitoring and Internet use restrictions are put into place it hurts company morale and does little to enhance employee productivity. Not wanting to create friction in the work place many employers shy away from using what could be a significant employee productivity enhancement tool. The key to success in gaining productivity and employee acceptance of the problem is the perception of fairness, clear goals and self enforcement.

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