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Firewalls: Do I Need One?


The word "Firewall" sounds a little dramatic, but they serve a great purpose, inyour life and in your security plan. In your car, the firewall is the metal wall behind and beneath your dashboard that separates the engine compartment from the secure, quiet, and comfortable cabin where you drive and listen to music. It protects you from the dangers of the engine and hostile environment including the explosions that make the engine run, and the fumes this process causes. It keeps you, and your passengers safe.

In your business, the firewall is a system that keeps your network safe. Here, the Firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized access to and/or from your computer network. It is the quintessential foundational technology component of a network security strategy. Do you have one? We do not know. Do you need one? In a word, YES.

Networks without firewalls are severely at risk of intrusion, from both automated and/or targeted attacks."

In an ideal world, all communication between your computer and internet would flow through a firewall, functioning between your computer network and the Internet. Networks without firewalls are severely at risk of intrusion, from both automated and/or targeted attacks.

While a Firewall can be either installed via software or hardware, SMB IT Solutions strongly recommends clients install a hardware firewall appliance, due to the increased level of security features inherently included as compared to the software firewall option. Installing a hardware firewall appliance creates a secure layer at the outer edge of the network, blocking unwanted traffic from ever entering your network.

Unfortunately, your internet connection leaves you and your employees vulnerable to hackers, who want to access, damage or sell your financial, personal, shopping habits and health information. Some hackers may be after your high-speed connection, email server, and domain name so that they can use it to send malicious viruses around the world. Other intrusions have the power to destroy your data, and many then request payment to restore the data (Ransomware). Additional methods include keylogging (recording your typing) or Phishing attacks that aim to acquire usernames, passwords and ID’s, and webcam/microphone hijacking that may be used to record private or sensitive information.

Like in your car, your firewall works as a barrier, or a shield, between your computer network and often hostile internet. Every time you connect to and use the Internet, you are constantly sending and receiving data and information. All messages and data leaving or entering pass through the firewall, which examines each message and blocks those messages that do not meet the specified security criteria.

SMB IT Solutions installs SonicWALL firewalls. We are a value-added SonicWALL reseller and offer the complete SonicWALL portfolio of products, including the entry-level TZ series, mid-level NSA series, and high-end SuperMassive series. We offer firewalls-as-a-service (no up-front purchase cost and upgradable), in addition to traditional purchase options.

Allow our team to customize a firewall configuration to meet your security needs and protect your network and data. To learn more about SMB IT Solutions Firewall solutions, request a free consultation by calling 1.888.245.1528 or send an email to .

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